5 Things You Need To Know About Getting Tinted Windows In Michigan

If you live in the state of Michigan, and want to have your windows tinted, it is vital that you understand all applicable state laws that govern tinted windows. The last thing you want to do is have a certain type of tint applied only to find out that it is not legal in your state. Here are a few vital things you need to know about tinted window rules in Michigan.

#1 Your Front Windshield Are Primarily Off-Limits

You cannot have your entire front windshield tinted. You need to be able to see out your windshield and other people are supposed to be able to see in. The only space you are allowed to tint on your windshield is the first four inches, measured from the top of your windshield or shade band.

This exception is allowed so that you can keep the sun out of your eyes when you are on the road. Essentially, you can install your own shade band on your windshield, but you cannot tint the entire windshield.

#2 Your Front Side Windows Are Primarily Off-Limits As Well

You also cannot tint the majority of your front side windows. Your front side windows are the windows that are located directly next to the driver and the passenger in the front seat. Just like with the windshield, you can only add a shade band to your front side windows that extends four inches down from the top.

The law is designed like this so that police officers and other drivers can see inside of your vehicle. 

#3 Your Rear Side Windows & Rear Windshield Are Fair Game

You can tint your rear side windows and your rear windshield though; the entire surface can be tinted. You can tint it any darkness level that you would like. Michigan does not have a limit on how dark your tint can be on your rear side windows and rear windshield. 

#4 Your Have To Stay Below 35% Solar Reflection

When you tint your windows, one of the choices you will be presented with is how solar reflective you want your windows to be. This is basically the rate at which your windows will reflect away light from your windows. In Michigan, you cannot exceed a reflective rate of 35%. The benefit of solar reflection is that it will help keep your vehicle cooler and will reduce the glare you experience from the light inside of your home. 

#5 Medical Exception

The only way that you can tint your front windshield and your front side windows is if you have a medical letter from either your doctor or optometrist. These exemptions are provided for individuals who have light sensitivity. If you fall under this category, you will have to carry around the letter from your doctor with you and show it to law enforcement if your window tinting is ever questioned

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