How to Maintain Your Car's Exterior

The condition of a vehicle's paint will be a major factor that contributes to its appearance as well as its resale value. This makes following appropriate steps for protecting this part of the vehicle an important task for anyone that owns a vehicle.

Appreciate the Ways That Tree Sap Can Damage Your Car's Paint

Parking in the shade of a large tree can shield your car from the intense sunlight. While this may keep your car cooler, it will put its exterior paint at a far greater risk of being damaged. Tree sap can fall from the branches onto the vehicle. Once this sap lands on the paint, it will dry fairly rapidly, which will make it very difficult to remove. Eventually, this sap can change the color of the paint under it or the paint may peel off. Staying away from trees when you are parking and removing tree sap as soon as you notice it on the vehicle are all necessary steps for reducing this damage.

Have Your Car Detailed Once Every Year

Regularly cleaning the vehicle will help to remove light soil from the exterior, but there are many times when vehicles will develop stubborn stains or issues that will not be easily addressed without specialized automatic car wash cleaning tools. A professional detailing will allow these particular issues to be addressed so that the vehicle's exterior will look as good as new.

Remove Road Salt That Gets on the Vehicle's Exterior

Salting the roads can be necessary for keeping traffic moving during the winter months, but the salt can be highly damaging to a vehicle's exterior. This is particularly true for individuals that go for long stretches of time without washing their car during the winter. While you may not want to thoroughly clean your vehicle when it is extremely cold, you should rinse off any salt accumulations that you notice.

Avoid Leaving Minor Exterior Damages to Go Unrepaired for an Extended Period of Time

Minor exterior damages, such as scratches and dents, should be repaired as soon as you possibly can. You might think that these are not major issues to encounter, but they can pave the way for substantial complications for the paint. Once damage starts to occur to the paint, it will need to be repaired to stop it from worsening. Until the paint is repaired, you should avoid washing the vehicle as the process of scrubbing the car and the chemicals used during this process can both cause scratches to grow. 

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